Sabah Travel Tips – Kota Kinabalu & Kundasang

Sabah Travel Tips  | Sabah is a popular destination with its own attractions to offer and increasing numbers of travelers around the globe every year. Travelling to Sabah is not as difficult yet one need to have sufficient knowledge to smooth travelling while in Sabah.

Lots of travelling guide or tips to Sabah that you should know beforehand for guidance and assistant especially for backpackers without a tour guide.

And today, we will share our travelling tips to Sabah with all of you out there!

Sabah Travel Tips
  1. Tips and Info to Sabah
  2. Tips before travelling to Sabah
  3. Tips while in Sabah


1. Tips and Info to Sabah

  • The best days you can go there is for 4 Days and 3 Nights, (1 Night at Kundasang and 2 Nights at Kota Kinabalu)
  • You may visit Kundasang and Island around KK. If you are not interested with
    Island’s activities such as snorkeling, you may spend only for 3 Days and 2
  • You may travel to Sabah for the whole year provided that it is not a monsoon
    session. If not it may spoil your travelling mood!
  • If possible, once arrived at Sabah, straight away go to Kundasang and stay for one night there.


2. Tips before travelling to Sabah

Flight Ticket

  • You need to make an earlier booking to get a promotion price for an airline. To
    get cheapest airline price and comparison between airlines price available in
    Malaysia, you may use service from or
  • Skyscanner / Expedia website will published list of all airlines price in Malaysia. It helps to save your time to scroll through the cheapest airlines price instead of serving through each airlines website which is time-consuming.
  • Book an early morning flight. Touch down KKIA in early morning.


Accommodation in Kota Kinabalu & Kundasang

  • Ideal location to reserve a hotel in Kundasang is in the vicinity of mount Kundasang and nearby Taman Negara Sabah. While in KK you may reserve a hotel at Jesselton. Jesselton is near to jetty and seafood restaurants. So, you may have a walking distance to jetty and restaurants around them.
  • For hotel, reservation can be make via or You will be able to see list of available hotels ranging from the cheapest to the highest price. Reviews of hotels is also available for your decision-making.
  • Suitable locations for hotel reservation in Kundasang are as follows.
    Area around Taman Negara Sabah. Based on our tentative, this area is suitable for your stay.

    Area around Kundasang Town
  • Below are hotels in Kundasang that are highly recommended for reservation. Please click on hotels name as follows for reservation.
Mile 36 Lodge
Affordable and able to see view from mount of Kinabalu
Kinabalu Pine Resort
Alluring view of mount Kinabalu can be enjoyed from the hotel angle of view in line with its affordable price. Normally, this hotel is fully book during school holiday. Not to miss the beauty of Kundasang, you are advisable to make an early booking from now.
The Cottage Hotel
Suitable for a group of 10 people and above to Sabah. Location is nearby Kundasang and to Desa Dairy Farm
J Residence
You are able to enjoy the view of mount Kinabalu if you follow our 4 Days and 3 Nights tentative.
Kinabalu Park (World Heritage Site – UNESCO)
A bit expensive in comparison with abovementioned hotels yet it gives you the real pleasure of travelling to Kundasang, Sabah. Why? Because the hotel is facing the mount of Kinabalu, Sabah!
Kundasang Guesthouse
Suitable for those travel with family. Able to fit in up to 9 people. Quiet peaceful and interesting environment as well.


Car Rental in Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang

  • 3rd tips before travelling to Sabah is to book your car.
  • Suitable car for a trip to Kundasang is a car with CC 1.3 and above. You may rent a car with CC 1.0 provided you are a couple of two person. Reason being because to reach to Desa Dairy Farm, the road is too steep.
  • There are many car rentals services in Sabah, one of them is Global Lepa Car Rental. You may made a booking via online and prepare a deposit only.
  • Free service for pick and drop at the airport!
  • Interestingly, Global Lepa offers car rental with discount. Make a booking for a period of 3- 6 days and you are eligible for a 5% discount.
  • Other than discount, voucher can be more interesting. You may be entitled for a discount voucher of RM20.00 apart of a normal discount offered.
  • To make a booking, you may do so at their website. Don’t forget to use voucher!
Contact: +6012-8440137 OR +6011-37144200 

Comparison between online and offline booking.

You’re entitled to a 5% discount (3-6 days) and discount voucher RM20 by entering the voucher code – [GlobalLepa]


Offline Booking, that’s mean you booking a car rental through whatapps / call – entitled for a 5% discount (3-6 days) only. [CarRentKK]

CAR LIST  Whatsapp


3. Tips while in Sabah

Tips to Kundasang

  • Once arrived at KKIA Airport (if possible, try to book an early morning flight) straight away go to Kundasang, Sabah.
  • To ease your travel, use Waze or Google Map/Drive as a guidance while driving and travelling.
  • Distance from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang is approximately 95 KM and it takes you about two hour’s journey to reach there. First phase of your journey will face a straight path of road and second phase of your journey, the road will become more challenging as you may face the slope in a road.

    Tips to Sabah
    Upside down house and Tamparuli bridge
  • Before reach Kundasang, pit stop at Tamparuli Bridge and upside down house. Location of both destinations are between Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang. Please refer to interactive maps as follows:
  • Please ensure full tank of car fuel before proceed with your journey to Kundasang from Tamparuli bridge.
  • On your journey you may pit stop at Pekan Nabalu for a break and enjoy the environment.
  • After you reach at Kundasang, check in at the reserved hotel. Take a break for a while and proceed to attractive places at Kudasang.
  1. Kinabalu National Park – Kundasang
  2. Kundasang War Memorial
  3. Market at Kundasang Town 
  4. Mesilau Nature Park
  5. Strawberry Mesilau Park
  • A day after, proceed your way to Kundasang as follows.
  • If possible, visit Desa Lembu before 11 a.m. as you may be able to see clear view of mount Kinabalu.
  1. Desa Cattle Dairy Farm – Kundasang
  2. Tagal Fish Sg Moroli Kg Luanti – Ranau
  3. Poring Hot Spring – Ranau
  4. Sabah Tea Farm
Mount Kinabalu from the view of Desa Dairy Farm


Tips while in KK Sabah

  • For tips at KK, you are recommended to book hotel at Jesselton area, because it is near to Filipina market, seafood night market and most importantly near to Jetty for island visit.

  • You can walk in for Island packages. Go to jetty and you can choose any ticket counters there.
  • Don’t forget to try their seafood at night. Fresh and delicate! Try the seaweed as well.



And that wraps up the tips of travelling to Sabah. May you benefits from these tips. Apologies for any insufficient information.

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