Kota Kinabalu Car Rental – Cheap & Good Service

Kota Kinabalu Car Rental | Plan to travel in Kota Kinabalu (KK)? For sure you need a car to go to your destinations. Get more discount when you book car rental sabah thru online with kkezcar 🙂

Normally, if you travel to Sabah, the place you must visit are in Kota Kinabalu & Kundansang. To read some travel tips to Sabah. You can read from this article: Sabah Travel TIPS

Back to our main point, to share with you cheap & good service car rental in Kota Kinabalu. One of the company is KKeZCar.

The best thing about KKeZCar, they are easy to communicate and the important thing they provide ONLINE booking site.

They accept payment via credit card and also debit (Local bank like m2u, cimbclicks and so on).

Kota Kinabalu Car Rental – List of Cars

There are two ways to make a booking with KKeZCar, either offline (WhatsApp) or ONLINE thru their website, kkezcar.com.

Kota Kinabalu Rent Car 2018 cheap

KKeZCar Contact: +6016-2215155

1. OFFLINE thru WhatApps

Date/ Arrival: 1 Mar 2018 @ 5PM 
Date/ Departure: 3 Mar 2018 @ 3PM 
Car Model: Vios 
Types of rent: Daily 

1-2 Days
3-6 Days
Viva 850 (M) or Similar RM 85 RM 80.75
Viva 850 (A) or Similar RM 95 RM 90.25
Axia 1.3 (A) or Similar RM 115 RM 109.25
Myvi 1.3 (A) or Similar RM 125 RM 118.75
Saga FLX 1.3 (A) or Similar RM 125 RM 118.75
Bezza 1.3 (A) or Similar RM 135 RM 128.25
Vios 1.6 (A) or Similar RM 165 RM 156.75
Alza 1.5 (A) or Similar RM 165 RM 156.75

Others car, you can check at their website: kkezcar.com

Open their website: www.kkezcar.com

Basically, if you booking thru their website and your total days is 3 days, automatically you’re entitle to get 5% discount. Nothing to do, just proceed with the booking and just simply get 5% discount.

Don’t forget to use voucher code SABAH20 to get more discount RM20 from them. Be smart traveler 🙂

Below the example how they give you an offer / discount when you make a booking car rental sabah via their website:

Let’s say:

Car Model: Bezza
Total Days: 3 Days
Rate: RM 135

Total 3 Days Rental: RM 405
- Automatic discount 5% = RM 20.25
- Voucher Code = - RM 20

Grand TOTAL:  RM 405 - RM 20.25 - RM 20
= RM 364.75

You save RM 40.25!


Conclusion, be smart traveler and make booking car rental Kota Kinabalu thru online to get more discounts.

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