6 Best Hotels in Kundasang, Sabah MALAYSIA

Finding a hotel in Kundasang is not too difficult. But finding the best, it takes time. So, to make it easier, we list the Best Hotels in Kundasang for your stay later.

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6 Best Hotels IN Kundasang

Here is a list of Top Hotels in Kundasang. To preview the hotels, you could click on the hotel name below. And can continue to make a reservation on the website.

  1. Mile 36 Lodge
    Affordable and able to see view from mount of Kinabalu.
  2. Kinabalu Pine Resort (HOT)
    Alluring view of mount Kinabalu can be enjoyed from the hotel angle of view in line with its affordable price. Normally, this hotel is fully book during school holiday. Not to miss the beauty of Kundasang, you are advisable to make an early booking from now.
  3. The Cottage Hotel
    Suitable for a group of 10 people and above to Sabah. Location is nearby Kundasang and to Desa Dairy Farm
  4. J Residence
    You are able to enjoy the view of mount Kinabalu if you follow our 4 Days and 3 Nights tentative.
  5. Kinabalu Park (World Heritage Site – UNESCO)
    A bit expensive in comparison with abovementioned hotels yet it gives you the real pleasure of travelling to Kundasang, Sabah. Why? Because the hotel is facing the mount of Kinabalu, Sabah!
  6. Kundasang Guesthouse
    Suitable for those travel with family. Able to fit in up to 9 people. Quiet peaceful and interesting environment as well.


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